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Jacob Hodgson Creative Director and Filmmaker

Thank you for visiting my website, jacob.cc. I have have been building websites since 1998. I learned to hand-code HTML with an old computer and note pad. I worked for a company called ComSpace and I got my hands on a book and went to town. My twin brother was diving in to Flash and was one of the best around. Animating graphics and making futuristic interfaces was his thing. I leaned more to CMS's and database driven sites. In 2000 I met a guy who programmed sites in ASP, and was a genius. He build web programs for fun. By that time I started to use Mambo.. which later became Joomla.  I rocked Joomla in 2007, all the way to say 2010. That was about the time i switched to WordPress. It's all history from there.


How´╗┐ I sold $12,600 online and It only cost me$1,500 in Google Ads.

I know It sounds crazy, but I DID IT! Using only Shopify, Google Shopping Ads and Google Merchant Center. Stick with me and I will show you how you can do it too!