Shopify Up 8% on News of Amazon Partnership

Shares of Shopify ( $SHOP) are up 8% on January 5th, 2017 on news that the e-commerce company is close to a sales partnership with Amazon, possibly January 10th, 2016. Some customers have already had access to the integration which allows them to manage product catalogs on various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon.. directly from Shopify..

If your are familiar with Shopify and Amazon.. this is HUGE news.. this is going to make cross-selling products from Shopify to Amazon much easier, allowing sellers to reach Amazon’s millions of users.

Shopify is already partnered with Facebook, integrating with Facebook Messenger to enable merchants to sell their products there as well.

Worldwide spending on retail e-commerce is expected to be over $485 billion in 2021. This is a HUGE move for Shopify and one that I look forward to greatly. Happy New Year to US!



Earned my Associates Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communications from The Art Institute of Houston in June of 1999. Made the Dean’s list 3 consecutive times. Completed an additional 2 years of my BFA (2008-2010) in Digital Film & Video Production. Added Scriptwriting, Cinematography, Editing, Lighting, Directing, and Film Producing to my skill set.

Jacob Hodgson – Portfolio of Work

I graduated from The Art Institute of Houston in 1999 with an AAS degree in Graphic Design & Visual Communications. I have 5 years experience in retail packaging and display design from Drake Container Corporation. I have hands-on experience with Pre-Press Production, Color Correction and Manufacturing.

I have studied website design and development since 2000. I use WordPress and Joomla CMS and have extensive keyword research, analytics, and SEO experience. I have managed multiple web servers and have setup and configured a multitude of websites/domains, including Social Media.

I studied Digital Film & Video Production in 2008-2011 and currently shoot and edit video using Final Cut Pro and Premiere. I have experience with green screen, custom lighting, crisp audio and on set/location shooting.

The New World for Freelancers

Freelance Designer for Hire at Hodgson StudiosAs a freelancer for the last 16 years, I have  learned quite a bit about how to work in a tough economy. Since the “Dot Com” era, things have been pretty shitty for us ” freelancers”.  Fast forward to 2016 and people are still losing their jobs in the oil and gas sectors, and everyone is just trying to survive.  I have adapted pretty well because I don’t require much. I have no kids and my expenses and overhead is pretty low. That gives me some time to focus on what is really important, building something sustainable for the future so that maybe, just maybe I can have some stability.. And not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. If you happened to land on my new site, then you are now witnessing a new phase in my freelance career which I will now be a ” Creative Consultant” sounds fancy right. When you get to be my age, things have to sound fancy or else no one will pay you what you are worth. I’m streamlining the process at which clients can book services right from their phone and rid both the client and myself with any hassle or negative feeling that may come about with working with a “freelancer”.